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Heat Sealing Aluminum Foil Manufacturer
Sep 14, 2021

Heat sealing aluminum foil is heat sealing process and other materials after the compound into yogurt cap, self-sealing bags and other food packaging materials.At present, because the aluminum foil has the perfect barrier oxygen, water and other functions, as well as excellent corrosion resistance, processing, compound, sterile non-toxic, safety and health and other characteristics.Aluminum foil is widely used in food, medicine and other packaging.

Heat Sealing Aluminum Foil Manufacturer

Heat Sealing Aluminum Foil Specifications

Typical Alloy:1060、1070、1100、3003、8011、8021 aluminum foil

Material Temper:O,H14,H16,H18, etc




Heat Sealing Aluminum Foil Features

1, barrier: the advantage of heat sealing aluminum foil is that the barrier between oxygen and water is better, water and oxygen permeability rate is reduced 1, is a very good self-sealing aluminum foil bag with aluminum foil material.

2, corrosion resistance: aluminum foil has good corrosion resistance, good light reflectance and luster, good shape at high temperature and low temperature, suitable for high temperature cooking, can withstand 130℃.

3, mechanical properties: strong mechanical properties, heat sealing aluminum foil also high blasting resistance, puncture resistance, tear resistance.

4, safety: non-toxic and tasteless, in line with the health standards of food and drug packaging.

Heat Sealing Aluminum Foil Manufacturer

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