Food Grade 3004 Container Foil Manufacturer
Sep 01, 2021

3004 container foil is the most commonly used packaging material for food containers. In fact, 3004 aluminum foil is an upgrade product of 3003 aluminum foil. But it's cheaper than 3003 container foil. In essence, both 3004 aluminum foil and 3003 aluminum foil are Al-Mn alloy. Therefore, 3004 container foil has excellent corrosion resistance, ductility, stamping, plasticity, formability and so on. So, it is very good to meet the bulk production of food containers. At present, there are many 3004 aluminum foil manufacturers, and we have learned that different manufacturers offer different prices. However, How much is the specific 3004 container foil per ton?Let's take a look.

Food Grade 3004 Container Foil Manufacturer

The Price of 3004 Aluminum Foil for Food Container 

1. Different raw materials

The 3004 container foil price is composed of the average closing price of Changjiang spot A00 Aluminum Ingot on the day of shipment + the processing fee. Among them, the price fluctuation of raw materials affects the quotation, but raw materials are also different. Large manufacturers choose high-quality suppliers, raw material quality is guaranteed, the quality of finished products is reliable, the price is more expensive.

2. Different production processes

Aluminum foil manufacturers strength is different, the level of technology is different. 3004 aluminum foil for food container vary greatly from one manufacturer to another in terms of raw material selection, processing process, and product sale.The technological level of aluminum foil manufacturers determines the appearance quality, performance and application of aluminum foil, so the price is high or low.

3. Different sales methods

3004 container foil sales in addition to direct distributors, there are a lot of agents, distributors, etc., the source manufacturers are manufacturers price, can save a lot of intermediate circulation links, but also save the cost of customers. 

Food Grade 3004 container foil Manufacturer

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