Electronic Tag Aluminum Foil
Sep 08, 2021

The electronic tag aluminum foil is mainly 1060 aluminum foil and 1235 aluminum foil.Thickness of electronic tag aluminum foil is 0.016-0..08mm, the plate type must be flat, the thickness of the finished product must be controlled within ±4%, and the width must be guaranteed within +1, -0;At the same time, the edge quality of the end face must be cut even.

Electronic Tag Aluminum Foil

The price of electronic tag aluminum foil is not determined by the following factors:

1. Product specifications and models.For example, the grade of aluminum foil selected for electronic tags is different, such as 1060 aluminum foil, 1235 aluminum foil, etc., and the corresponding price is also different.In addition, the same alloy 1060 electronic aluminum foil specifications are different prices are different, general aluminum foil thickness is thinner the price will be relatively more expensive.

2. Production cost.The capital investment in the process of producing electronic tag aluminum foil also directly affects the selling price of the old products.For example, the choice of raw material quality of 1060 aluminum foil and aluminum ingot, whether the production process is advanced, the level of technical content, the input of various manpower and material resources, etc.Of course, with more effort, the quality of the product will be better.If the production cost of the product is high, the manufacturer's price will not be low.

3.Market aluminum ingot prices fluctuate.In general, the price of aluminum ingot in the aluminum processing industry is quoted to occupy a certain proportion, and the price of aluminum ingot in the market is unpredictable, so the price of electronic tag aluminum foil will be different.

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