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Aluminum Coil

Aluminum Coil is an important ingredient in the production of a wide range of industrial, commercial and consumer products. Air conditioners, automobiles, aircraft, furniture, structural components and many other products can involve the use of aluminum coil. “Aluminum coil” is the term used to describe the raw product of the aluminum sheet production process. Coiled aluminum sheets are easier to store and transport than many stacked individual sheets.
  • 5005 Aluminum Coil

    5005 Aluminum Coil

    Henan Herny offer as wide range of 5005 aluminum coil stock sizes and processing capabilities for your company needs.Alloy 5005 is a non-heat-treatable 0.8% magnesium alloy commonly available in flat rolled coil, sheet and plate from a wide range of producing mills.5005...
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  • 1050 Aluminum Coil

    1050 Aluminum Coil

    1050 aluminum coil is an aluminium-based alloy in the "commercially pure" wrought family (1000 or 1xxx series). 1050 aluminum coil is commonly used in the electrical and chemical industries, on account of having high electrical conductivity, corrosion resistance and workability.
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  • 1060 Aluminum Coil

    1060 Aluminum Coil

    1060 aluminum coil has low mechanical strength compared to more significantly alloyed metals. It can be strengthened by cold working, but not by heat treatment. 1060 aluminum coil does not need very complicate processing technology, so it is much cheaper comparing to other...
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  • 1070 Aluminum Coil

    1070 Aluminum Coil

    Hena Alu Factory supply 1070 aluminum coil with the thickness of 0.2-8.0 mm. DC and CC are available. As a qualified 1070 aluminum coil supplier, our company had built the quality supervision department and aluminum lab to control the quality.
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  • 1100 Aluminum Coil

    1100 Aluminum Coil

    1100 aluminum is the most commercially pure alloy of all the aluminum grades. 1100 aluminum coil are both available for various applications including chemical storage and processing equipment. Benefits of 1100 aluminum coil include a 99% or greater content of aluminum...
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  • 2024 Aluminum Coil

    2024 Aluminum Coil

    2024 aluminum coil are considered the "aerospace" alloy because of its strength. It is readily formed in the annealed condition and may be subsequently heat treated. 2024 aluminum coil possess good machinability and can be machined to a high finish. In industries where...
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  • 3003 Aluminum Coil

    3003 Aluminum Coil

    8011 aluminum Foil is widely used in pharmaceutic packaging, heat exchangers, PP cap, Food Container, insulation & cable wrap, household foil and domestic use. As a professional factory, Henan herny can make 8011 aluminum foil in various thickness, width and mill finish with...
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  • 3004 Aluminum Coil

    3004 Aluminum Coil

    Our 3004 aluminum coil is commonly used in the making of beverage cans. It was developed to satisfy the need for thinner gauges in can stock, and thereby to some extent replaced its predecessor 3003 alloy in the making of beverage cans.
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  • 3005 Aluminum Coil

    3005 Aluminum Coil

    We supply good price 3005 aluminum coil of thickness from 0.2 to 200mm with required technique. 3005 aluminum coil is the best in 3000 series aluminum alloy, which is one of the most widely used anti rust aluminum alloy. Request a quote for any quantity according to your...
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  • 3104 Aluminum Coil

    3104 Aluminum Coil

    With our advanced processing equipment and selected ingot, our 3104 aluminum coil can fully meet the technical requirements of can body. We can OEM 3104 aluminum coil according to your specific industry severed. Welcome to inquiry.
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  • 3105 Aluminum Coil

    3105 Aluminum Coil

    3105 aluminum coil has good anti-rust property, good conductivity, electrical conductivity can be up to 41%, 3105 aluminum coil has high plasticity in the annealing state, in the semi cold hardened, the plasticity is still better, it has low plasticity, good corrosion...
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  • 5052 Aluminum Coil

    5052 Aluminum Coil

    5052 aluminum coil and aluminum sheet have good workability, high fatigue strength and good weldability. It has very good corrosion resistance, especially in marine environments. 5052 aluminum can be anodized to improve the corrosion resistance of the material in corrosive...
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